Jean Weng, MD, LMHC

Jean Weng is a unique and humble mental health counselor who follows her calling and utilizes bio-psycho-social approaches to help you to relieve distress and achieve optimal living.

With Jean as your counselor, you will be in a dynamic and collaborative therapeutic relationship to create a positive change in your life.  With her background in clinical medicine, physiology, and immunology, and clinical psychology, she is extremely knowledgeable about human beings–body and mind. She is also trained in Chinese Traditional Medicine theory.   In addition to allopathic training in illness and well-being, Jean also brings her training in Eastern views of illness and well-being.  Her training background helps her to provide a holistic perspective to her clients.

Jean Weng has been practicing psychotherapy in the Seattle area in the past 16 years. She has provided therapy to clients with anxiety, depression, bipolar, schizoaffective disorder as well as other issues such as social difficulties, parenting skills, and stress management, etc. She is well liked by her clients.

Jean is well trained and experienced in CBT(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) DBT (Dialectal Behavioral therapy, Positive Psychology Therapy, MI (Motivational Interviewing), and Solution-Focused, among other approaches.  She is extremely intuitive at quickly matching particular therapeutic techniques with each client to achieve their treatment goals and sense of well-being.

Jean is fluent in Mandarin and English.

 我叫Jean Weng, 是一个训练有素的专业心理治疗师。

我毕业于浙江大学医学院,在美国30年,一开始在宾大和生物公司从事科研。20年前回归临床,学习和投身心理治疗, 如今已经有了16年的临床经验。


综合我的学历,专业知识结构,临床经验,人生阅历,我相信如果有华语顾客需要心理咨询,我将是你们的最佳人选。 我会用我的专业知识和素养,为您提供优质服务。



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