• Do you feel like you don’t know your own child anymore?
  • Has their behavior changed recently, and is it worrying you?
  • Are they complaining of stomachaches, headaches, having a hard time sleeping, and/or not wanting to go to school, and there’s nothing medically wrong?
  • Have they changed or lost friends recently?
  • Has their attitude at home and/or at school gone down the tubes?
  • Are you worried your child may be depressed?
  • Do you want to be able to like and enjoy your child again?

Let our child and adolescent specialists at OptimalLife Wellness Center help

your family members enjoy each other again.

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Tweens and Adolescents

The Tween and Adolescent years of childhood can be a difficult time for many kids and their families. Often, parents feel at a loss at how to reach this stranger their child has become. The old methods of getting through to your child and/or changing behaviors often just don’t work anymore.

sadnessSometimes, behavior changes in Tweens and Adolescents are due to hormonal shifts as well as increased pressure from peers and school.  At other times, older kids may have surly, irritable moods and changes in behavior that suggest more serious underlying issues.  Depression in kids often looks differently than in adults.  Kids may appear more restless and irritable than sad.  Anxiety sometimes underlies school refusal, stomachaches, and headaches.

Kids often don’t have the words to express how they are feeling and what they are struggling with. They act out as a way of communicating their distress to you, their parent.

At OptimalLife Wellness Center, our clinicians have been specially trained to work with children and adolescents and their families with issues ranging from ADD/ADHD to depression to anxiety to divorce, as well as a whole host of other life issues that impact today’s Tweens and Adolescents.

We also offer specialized treatment for teen survivors of sexual assault and other abuse. Ask us directly about how we can help your teen heal from her/his trauma at our Bellevue location.

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Younger Children

Is your child between the ages of 7 and 10? We also offer child therapy and family therapy for younger children going through difficulties either at school or home.

We also offer Parent Coaching for parents of kids of all ages to help you be the best parent you can be. Please see the Parent Coaching section of Ways We Can Help for more information.

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