● Do you or your family members obsess over-consuming food or avoiding food?

● Do you or your family member restrict food, binge eats, or purge?

● Do you feel defined by your weight or body image?

● Have you tried to eat normally but somehow just can’t?

● Do you find yourself always wishing you were thinner?

● Are you ashamed of eating in front of others?

● Are you constantly trying to compensate for calories consumed?


We can help you normalize your eating which leads to a fuller and happier life

 At least 30 million people suffer from eating disorders in the United States. Eating disorders are the most fatal of all mental illnesses. Eating disorders can have a number of different symptoms requiring a tailored and comprehensive eating disorder treatment plan to address your needs.

So often an eating disorder develops when you initially feel completely in control of your eating, which then eventually leads to the feeling that your eating controls you.

Maybe you wanted to lose a little weight. Maybe you felt better when thinner. Somehow it led you to this place.

Whether you’re struggling with the dread of calorie consumption and weight gain or you feel completely out of control with the urge to binge and/or purge, we can help.


OWC Eating Disorder Treatment

At OptimalLife Wellness Center, our eating disorder specialist aims to help you understand your eating disorder, regain control of your life around food, all in partnership with one of our specialists who really cares.

Eating disorder treatment approaches we use include: eating disorder-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness practices, FBT (Family Based Treatment), and DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy).

Get in touch with an OptimalLife Wellness Center eating disorder specialist today to learn more about how our eating disorder treatment therapy can help you. Located in Bellevue with easy access from Kirkland & Redmond. Call us today at (425) 646-2778.