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Our Counseling Services

OptimalLife Wellness Center is committed to your health and happiness. We offer a safe space to help you find wellness in your mental, emotional, and relational health. With a collaborative process, you and your counselor will create a plan designed just for you to manage symptoms related to anxiety, depression, or other issues. Our Redmond counseling services help you learn to navigate life’s rough patches.

Children & Adolescents

Feel like you don’t know your own child anymore?

Our Redmond area counselors are specially trained to work with children and adolescents with issues ranging from ADD/ADHD to depression to anxiety to divorce, and other life issues.

Couples & Relationships

Are you tired of bickering over things that really don’t matter?

Relationships take work. We know this. We’re trained, Redmond area therapists, skilled in helping couples heal from emotional challenges and improve communication, intimacy, and connection.


Do you sometimes feel haunted by ghosts from your past?

We employ mind-body trauma counseling techniques to effectively reprogram your brain to a pre-traumatized state. Our trauma counseling therapists – based in the Redmond area – also employ the latest in Brain Science to craft an individualized treatment plan for your own path to wellness.


Do you feel like your brain is stuck in one gear?

 You deserve to enjoy the life you want. It’s time to step out of the endless cycle of worry, fear, and doubt. Partner with a therapist and work together on a holistic anxiety treatment plan that will free you from anxiety, so you can get back to living the life you deserve to have.


Do you feel like life has lost all its color?

We know how much of an impact depression can have on your life. That’s why we work with healthcare professionals to help you integrate depression therapy treatments and a wellness plan that will help you overcome the worst symptoms of your depression and get you back to feeling like the amazing person you are.

Other Ways We Can Help

 Partner with a Redmond area counselor and implement a therapy plan that combines holistic anxiety treatment approaches to free you from the endless cycle of worry, fear, and doubt, and get you back to enjoying the life you deserve to have.

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