Lydia Mazariegos-DeLeon, LMHC

Using a holistic, mind-body approach, Lydia Mazariegos-DeLeon can get you to a place of more peace,  fun, and enjoyment in life.

Lydia Mazariegos-DeLeon works holistically with individuals of all ages, particularly teens. Lydia also works with couples and families to improve relationships  If you are tired of spinning your wheels and feeling like you’re getting nowhere, Lydia will work with you to help you break out of old patterns that keep you feeling tired, worried and lonely.

Lydia Mazariegos-Deleon works  in collaboration with her clients to achieve the changes they want to see in their lives.  Lydia has years of experience helping clients on the road to recovery from depression, anxiety, trauma and broken relationships.  Whether you come in on your own or with your partner or family, Lydia will tailor a plan that works best for you.

Lydia Mazariegos-DeLeon focuses on holistic therapies that take into consideration your history, mind and body.  With Lydia, you’ll be working with a professional who will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.   You and Lydia will decide together the best approach for you, whether it is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), trauma-focused therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), or Gottman Method Couple’s Therapy.

Being bilingual in Spanish and English, Lydia also happily works with Spanish-speakers and minority populations.  Please feel free to contact Lydia directly to talk over your goals and concerns.

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